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Fiction Writers: Check out this not-to-be-missed Blog

Fiction Writing is a vast realm.  I’ve likened it to a PhD or two, maybe three.  I find, in fact, that I need to review several knowledge/skill areas frequently as I’m planning or writing a story or novel–just so that I don’t forget some aspect I need to include in  my work.

K. M. Weiland’s Wordplay blog should be read by all fiction writers. Truly, a not to be missed blog.

Ms. Weiland helps me stay fresh and sharp with my fiction writing skills.  Her posts are brief and meaty and quite often consist of a video clip accompanied by a transcript.  So if you prefer to read, you can read. If you prefer to watch the video, you can do that.  I like to do both–helps me remember her points better.

For signing up to follow her blog, you can download an excellent and free book that summarizes key characterization know-how.  I have the link to it on my desktop so that I can open it and refer to it quickly when I sense the need.

The author has published novels and short-stories to her credit. If you’d like to check out her work, she has a page at Amazon.com.  My favorites are her novel Behold the Dawn and her short-story “The Memory Lights.”  Powerful stories. Downloadable to Kindle. Her novels are also available in paperback.

I also keep handy her book Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success, which covers the range of fiction technique well from an outlining standpoint.

For two years in a row, her blog has been among the top ten blogs for writers at Write to Done.

Weiland’s knowledge of fiction-writing art, skills and techniques is thorough and well-worth reading. I save every one of her posts to my hard-drive.

Highly recommended.