Check out my Guest Post at Write to Done

I consider this guest post one of my best posts on writing well.  It’s about keeping your reader in mind, keeping your purpose in mind, and reminding yourself that there are only 3 directions you can go when you’re writing.

It’s up today at: Write To Done.  Title:  “Reader to Writer: Hey Dude, Clear it up!”

A special word of thanks to Mary Jaksch who graciously worked with me on the A-list Blogger Club forum on important revisions to my guest post.

4 thoughts on “Check out my Guest Post at Write to Done

  1. Steve Maurer

    Hi, Bill.
    I get the Write to Done newsletter and got you guest post in my email. You have some great ideas that I definitely will be able to use. Looking forward to more of the same here!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks again. Glad to have you as a reader, fellow writer and friend.
      As I mentioned to Craig in my response to his comment here, I’m planning on a followup post dealing with the same issues (cohesive writing, the 3 directions, keeping the reader and your purpose in writing in mind) one of these days soon.
      For a retired guy, I’m staying quite busy, but I am enjoying it.

  2. craig

    Great article. Wondering if I am coherent is my biggest struggle. With every single dam article, I wonder.

    I am not sure how much your article will help me. I do already ask myself questions along the same lines of yours. “Does it make sense? Am I being clear”?

    And I am sure, somewhere within my thought process improvement can be made. So take my time digest what you said and look for way to improve myself and my writing.

    There is always that fear stopping me, more often than not, from clicking on that dam “Publish” Button. But maybe one days soon fear will lessen.

    Was this clear? Was this concise?

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Craig,
    It took me a while to notice your response. I’ve been hopping back and forth, including responding to comments at the Write To Done blog.

    We all struggle with clarity and cohesion. It’s always a challenge and a vital part of writing.

    Yeah that publish button makes me nervous too. Especially since it’s so easy to miss typos–I had some in my post, even after several careful readings to try to find them. And some readers seem to get stuck focusing on them, rather than the content.

    You wrote above “I do already ask myself questions along the same lines of yours. ‘Does it make sense? Am I being clear’?” That’s good! Even better, I think is to get more specific with your questions, like: “Have I explained enough at this point?” Or “Do I need more detail” Or “An illustration?”

    And, what helps me, as I sought to explain in my post, is to keep in mind just how specific I’m becoming with my words and sentences.
    This is called, going up and down the ladder of abstraction–how abstract or general am I writing at this point, and what direction do I need to go next to make it clear, to make sense for my reader? More specific? Less specific? Thinking like that definitely helps me.

    This is a discipline that can help to channel your thoughts on what needs to be added next.

    It takes practice. I wrote that post probably 5 or more times to get it as good as it wound up–and it’s still not as good as I wanted it, but a lot closer!

    May I suggest? Re-read that guest post and study it. Think about each point. Maybe even re-write my post in your own words. Just keep working at it. You’ll get it.

    I hope to write a follow up post here on this blog one day soon and further expand those thoughts.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It was clear and made sense to me!



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