Are you Busy, Way too Busy? Want to get more done and on Time?

Most of us are busy, some very busy, maybe too busy. We writers have a lot to do or at least a lot we’d like to get done.

I still want to get a lot done.

As I get on in years, I don’t want to accomplish less, I want to accomplish more! There are a number of things I want to get done currently, and sometimes they can be overwhelming. Maybe they can be for you too.

I’ve got a solution I want to share with you. I think it can help.

I do a lot of thinking in the shower, sometimes I forget really good ideas. This morning a plan occurred to me. I didn’t forget it. An idea that can help me make progress on my main projects steadily:  I think my plan could work for you, or at least your version of it.

One thing at a time.

Years ago, a friend who was good at getting things done at his insurance agency told me the key to working a to-do list. Work on one thing at a time and get it done, then move to the next.  Don’t keep jumping from one thing to another.

Add to that, a to-do list written in the order of priority, and you have a plan.

In other words the idea is to work on one major step forward with your project at a time. Go for quality, not speed. Get it right, at least as right as you can at that point in time. And then move to the next step.

Work daily on one or a few projects.

This way you move steadily forward. And usually sooner than you hoped, you’ve accomplished a lot.

Micahel Linenberger’s Advice

He’s called the “Efficiency Guru,” in his excellent books on time/workday management (The One-Minute To-Do List ebook and Master Your Workday Now!) advises us to  keep the major projects, those we work on daily, to a few, like two or three, and make them real priorities, do them first.  He has a category for them: “Critical Now” for items to be done today without fail.

This way, you can keep a few projects going manageably, sanely, comfortably.

Try it. I think you’ll  like it. Modify it to fit your needs and way of working.

Right now I’ve got to get on my projects.  After breakfast that is!

P.S. Do you have any project/time management tips you can add?


2 thoughts on “Are you Busy, Way too Busy? Want to get more done and on Time?

  1. Priska

    Hi Bill,
    What a timely post. Especially heading into the ‘silly season’ when it is difficult to even keep up with the most important things on our ‘to do list’.
    My only time management tip is to get up early to do the most important thing first, before the rest of the world awakes and interferes with your schedule.
    That way you have a sense of accomplishment even if the rest of the day goes haywire.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Priska, nice to know somebody is listening–or reading. Thanks!
    I’m a night person, so getting up early is a challenge, but when I do, I usually work well.
    Yes, that sense of accomplishement is nice to have.


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